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Customer Support
ECDIS Training
교육신청 아이콘
1. Register for E-learning
Register for E-learning
Please submit your application to below email.
Required information
  • 1. Company name: (ex. KOREA SHIP)
    *Same as their business registration certificate*
  • 2. Vessel Owner: (ex. Brad Pitt)
    *Same as their passport*
  • 3. Vessel name: (ex. Discovery)
  • 4. Applicant for E-learning: (ex. George Clooney)
    *Same as their passport*
  • 5. ECDIS model: (SCD-2000 or SCD-2300)
교육자료배포 아이콘
2. Distribute E-learning materials
Distribute E-learning materials
E-learning materials will be distributed to your e-mail.
E-learning Materials
  • 1. Video materials
  • 2. Documentation
  • *It will take 1~2days after submitting the application.
교육시청 & 제출 아이콘
3. Take E-learning class & Submit TEST sheet
Take E-learning class & Submit TEST sheet
Please submit Test Sheet after completing E-learning.
수료증발급 아이콘
4.Issue the Certification
Issue the Certification
Certifications will be sent to your e-mail.
Issue the Certification
  • *It will take 1~2days after submitting the test sheet.
The purpose of the ECDIS E-learning is to enhance the safety of navigation
  • ECDIS installation
  • S-57, S-63 Chart operation
  • Input sensor set up & use
  • Safe use of ECDIS
  • Voyage plan and Monitoring Function
  • Navigation tools
  • Alarm function set up & use
  • Own ship, AIS and ARPA target set up
  • Trouble shooting