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About Samyung ENC
Representative Korean company for maritime communication equipment, SAMYUNG ENC.
Since its establishment in 1978, SAMYUNG ENC has grown to be a representative marine equipment provider and working on localization of marine electronic communication equipment. Based on its technology development, craftsmanship and reliability, SAMYUNG ENC is focusing on the advancement of its technology in domestic electronic industry with government support and Industry Academy Research Cooperation programs.
SAMYUNG ENC Philosophy
품질 경영 아이콘 Quality
  • Customer’s Satisfaction
  • World-Class Technological Innovation
  • Building the Global Business Portfolio
품질 경영 아이콘 Win-win
  • Advanced Management Culture
  • Emphasize Personnel Value
  • Communication & Teamwork
품질 경영 아이콘 Lead / Competency
  • Predict and Prepare for Rapid Market Change
  • Leadership & Best practice
  • Performance-Oriented Evaluation
Business Field
  •  아이콘 Land communication equipment
  •  아이콘 Marine electronic equipment (Communication and navigation, fishing, safety)
  •  아이콘 Communication equipment for military service
  •  아이콘 Land and sea facilities construction (Communication and other)
  •  아이콘 Marina Business (Consulting, Marketing, Designing·Constructing Management, Leisure Boat Equipment)
  •  아이콘 Leisure Boat (Yacht)Equipment