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About Samyung ENC
Core Value

SAMYUNG ENC is looking for talented, future-oriented people with creativity to achieve our vision.
  • Attentive Mind 정심 아이콘 Customer Satisfaction
  • Right Behavior 정행 아이콘 Challenge & Passion
  • Creative Think 정각 아이콘 Technological Innovation
Recruitment Process
Recruitment Schedule: Occasional
  • 01 서류전형 아이콘 Document
  • 02 1차 면접 아이콘 First
  • 03 2차 면접 아이콘 Second
  • 04 신체검사 아이콘 Physical
  • 01 Document Examination Reviewing résumé to judge their creativity, challenge spirit, practical qualifications and etc.
  • 02 First Interview An interview with the team leader, looking at major ability, practical ability and etc.
  • 03 Second Interview An interview with the director, looking at personality, attitude and etc.
  • 04 Physical Examination Final round to screening candidates.