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Board of Directors

We are keenly aware that there is no miracle in technology.
We also realized that the best investment is to improve the technology.
Samyung retains know-how and independent technical ability accumulated in its attached Electronics and Communication Research Center which actively carries out research activities to develop new and improved products satisfying the many needs of our various customer’s requirements. It is due to these reasons, that Samyung invests 5% of its revenue into our R&D sector every year.

Its attached Electronics and Communication Research Center retains excellent technology such as communication equipment for land, sea, as well as military communication and electronic equipment etc. and aims to be the best technology worldwide in each area. Currently, it develops more advanced and various technologies such as next-generation short wave transmission systems, high-speed frequency synthesizers, automatic vessel identification devices and digital radar. In the future, it will be continuously moving ahead.

Samyung has prepared a stepping stone to leap into the world market from Young-do, Busan, the gate of Korea. Also, it is growing into a world-class company for marketing activities suitable for many differing local requirements by entering Europe, China, Russia and Southeast Asia since the 1990s. Samyung’s global activities are gradually accelerating and it will develop into a world-class company that can be seen from all oceans and continents.

Especially noteworthy, Samyung participates in various exhibitions to maximize its image and based on various data taken from its participation, is reinforcing its local agencies in each area freely and quickly. Also, Samyung’s human resources sector is continuously hiring first class service personnel by making an agreement with local service companies to provide high quality service depending on its globalization of marketing.

Samyung will emerge as the leader in the IT (Information Technology) area by retaining its excellent technology that can ensure its survival under infinite competition from global companies.